Company History

In 1947 the Breitschopf Publishing House, Vienna published its first catalogue of children's and young people's books.

This was the beginning of rapid and dynamic growth throughout the entire German-speaking world.

Already 1951 were the Breitschopf-books distributed in Germany, by Buch-Auslieferung Österreichischer Verlage, Freilassing.
In Switzerland overtook the AZED A.G. the distribution in 1952
As of 1954 the publishing house was represented in Germany by MÜKO-Münchner Kommissionsbuchhandlung.

1965 was the year of two milestone decisions for the publishing house. First, Breitschopf KG, Munich was founded in Germany with its own sales department. Second, the purchase of the Austrian Paka/Heide/Mühlehner Publishing House substantially broadened the range of the company's picture book assortment.

The international contacts that started to develop positively in the mid 1960s initiated a successful export and licensing sales strategy.

In consideration of future business activities a partnership was formed in 1985 between the Breitschopf Publishing House and the Austrian schoolbook publisher Hölder-Pichler-Tempsky.

This partnership was terminated as of December 31, 1998. There was a change in partners along with a corresponding adjustment in the name of the company.

The publishing house Julius Breitschopf GmbH & Co. KG has steered the course and set the goals for the company since January 1, 1999.

The publishing house is represented by KR Julius Peter Breitschopf, the Acting Partner.

Children have been reading Breitschopf books since 1947!

Popularity and success with readers and on the retail book market have been a common thread through the successful history of the publishing house.

The topics covered by the publishing house reflect the changes in the market and include a varied family-oriented program, which ranges from picture books to interesting cookbooks and how-to books for all ages, from children to parents.

The publishing house is also specialized in commissioned volumes and special publications.