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Die Hochreiter Kinder

ISBN: 978-3-7004-4402-2  


Die Hochreiter Kinder in der Stadt

ISBN: 978-3-7004-4403-9


A star is shining


The late Ernst Kutzer made a significant contribution to youth literature for decades as illustrator of famous children's books such as -  Puckerl and Muckerl - The lazy little dwarfs.

Although much of his work has been in print for many years, the illustrations in this volume are only now being made available again.

The images in this book, will take many adults back to their youth, evoking childhood memories.

The Christmas collection - A star is shining

The illustrated stories of the book are the work of 10 recognized children's authors.

These unique illustrations give this tasteful Christmas book a special flair.

The book includes two stories from the grandson of Ernst Kutzer, Peter Kutzer-Salm, that give a sensitive insight into his formative years with his grandfather. 

Each book is supplied together with an audio CD of songs, performed by an Austrian children's choir.


 Puckerl und Muckerl


Puckerl and Muckerl – All Adventures
This special edition contains all four volumes 
of the Puckerl and Muckerl series.
With such a book for beginning readers,
learning to read is a pleasure. The stories
are illustrated with many valuable coloured pictures.

The book contains 2 audio CDs.

 BkidaslaueLamm_1.jpg KleinTetzelmann_1.jpg
 das blaue Lamm
 Klein Tetzelmann
 Zuckermax und